Food Scenes and Themes in the 2014 Best Picture Nominees by Rachel Friedman

WOW GoldfishThe 86th Academy Awards are coming to a TV near you this Sunday—and if you want to know which of the 9 Best Picture nominees wins the Oscar, you’ll have to stick it out until the bitter end. This will give you several long hours to consider things like the fabulous variety of hair (feathered, permed, toupee) on display in American Hustle, the authenticity of Tom Hanks’s thick New England accent in Captain Phillips, and just how masochistic a diet Matthew McConaughey must have endured for Dallas Buyers Club. But! Have you thought about all the ways food is used in each of these movies? What does it mean? How did the director and screenwriter deploy food and drink to build character or develop their stories? If you’re a Bon Appétit reader, chances are these questions occupy your brain during all waking hours—unless, of course, you were too busy cooking and eating to catch all the nominees in the theater. In any case, we are here for you with a breakdown.

Click here for the breakdown of food moments in the 2014 Best Picture Nominees by Rachel Friedman via Bon Appetit


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