America’s 7 Best Movie Theaters for Food Lovers by Rachel Johnson

Foodie Movie Theaters

Via Bon Appetite, check out these wonderful movie theaters that feature fine dining, often thematically related to or in the spirit of the films they’re showing.  These temples of film and gastronomy allow audiences to literally taste what they’re watching for a total foodie-film experience that goes light years beyond popcorn.  Enjoy the show! Click […]

Doc About Elite Foodies via B-Reel Films

Aiste from Foodies

The interest in haute cuisine has grown exponentially. Now, we enter the world of one of the most influential people on the food scene – the foodie.  A documentary on the fine dining subculture of foodies. Directed by Thomas Jackson, Charlotte Landelius & Henrik Stockare. Click here for foodies doc trailer and latest info.  



It’s hard to find a sandwich that inspires more ambivalence than the lowly egg-salad, reviled by school children as gelatinous chunks plopped between sodden bread and enveloped in a sulfurous cloud, and viewed by squadrons of office workers as the epitome of brown-bagged humdrum. And yet, at a tiny, clattery bakery/café on an unpromising stretch near the bland overdevelopment of Pasadena’s Colorado Boulevard, is Europane.

Review: How the Sriracha Doc Turned Hot Sauce Cloying by Joshua David Stein


The story of Huy Fong Sriracha — the bright red Vietnamese-styled, Thai-originated, American-made hot sauce found on nearly every table in America — is one worth telling. The reasons are manifold. Firstly, it’s like the Dr. Bronner’s of condiments, ubiquitous but mysterious. Secondly, the man who invented it, David Tran, is a compelling cypher. Thirdly, because Kickstarter […]