From Epicurious: The Best Oscar Movie Menus by Lauren Salkeld

Best Pic Menus

Our annual Oscar movie menus are the ultimate intersection of food and film, and feature recipes and drinks inspired by each of the nine Best Picture nominees. This year, we’re cooking up spicy clams and “piccata of the gods” for American Hustle, outer space–themed dishes for Gravity, fruitcake and tea for Philomena, and an over-the-top menu that includes sushi, steak, lobster, […]

Oscars 2014 Food: Movie Cocktails that Leave Us Shaken and Stirred by Michelle Locke

Movie cocktails

James Bond without his martini? “The Big Lebowski” dude without his White Russian? Unthinkable. You won’t see any “Best Supporting Drink” in this year’s Academy Awards ceremonies, but cocktails play a major role in movies, serving as props, symbols and reflections of what’s going on behind the scenes. Recipes included with this story: Blood and Sand; Pink […]

Best New Food Documentaries: Culinary Movies to Check Out by Christina Izzo

Russ and Daughters Doc

With movies’ biggest night upon us—March 2, mark your calendars for the Oscars—we’re seeking out the best new food documentaries to feast your eyes on. Expand your food-doc repertoire beyond Super Size Me and Jiro Dreams of Sushi with a list of flicks that cover everything from old-world Italian fisherman and childhood obesity, to toques at the world’s best restaurants […]

Cherries [in Movies] Scare the Hell Out of Me by Anna Brand

Cherry Movies

When you think about cherries, you probably think about pie. Or maybe you think about sex — specifically, the time some girl tried to tie a cherry stem with her tongue, but then failed, and it was hilarious. You could be thinking about a Shirley Temple cocktail… but you probably aren’t, since it doesn’t have […]

5 Best Anthropomorphic Foods In Film by Andy Crump

anthro movie food

Ray Stantz had no idea what he was getting his fellow Ghostbusters into when he accidentally summoned this jolly-looking fiend. In his defense, a giant walking marshmallow doesn’t sound like much of a threat to New York City, but when that campfire treat ends up being brought to life by a demonic god, you’d better put the chocolate and graham crackers away and reach for your proton pack.