Top 5 Ice Cream Scenes in Movies by Brandy Dean

Ice Cream Scenes

Last week @NataleeDara on Twitter objected to the Top Egg Scenes in Movies. Hey, some people don’t like eggs and that scene in Cool Hand Luke is pretty gross. So I generously offered to make a list of scenes with @NataleeDara’s fav food, snack or treat and she picked ice cream.

5 Best Anthropomorphic Foods In Film by Andy Crump

anthro movie food

Ray Stantz had no idea what he was getting his fellow Ghostbusters into when he accidentally summoned this jolly-looking fiend. In his defense, a giant walking marshmallow doesn’t sound like much of a threat to New York City, but when that campfire treat ends up being brought to life by a demonic god, you’d better put the chocolate and graham crackers away and reach for your proton pack.

The 5 Manliest Food Scenes of All Time by Josh Ozersky

Hungry Conan

Food movies are an inexplicably effeminate genre; they seem to always involve revolting couples leering at each other over strawberries, or lovable matrons stirring big pots. The only truly manly eating in movies, other than in zombie films, is found within canonically manly movies.