Best Fake Food in Movies by Eugine Fomin


The fictional universe is filled with fictional foods. Some, we would love to try, others… not so much. Still, these foods fascinate us, and some go on to a life of their own long after the movie they’d first appeared in has left theaters. Via UGO

Films About Food by The Nibble

Films About Food.

Make sure the popcorn maker is handy.  These films will make your mouth water.  Each of these films is either all about food, or has a memorable food scene.  Films About Food Via The Nibble

Jonathan Gold’s Top 10 Food Movies

Exterminating Angel from Jonathan Gold's Top Ten Food Movies

“Tampopo”? Everyone’s tasted those noodles by now. “Big Night”? Been there, done that — served the timpano at a dinner party in 1996. If you’re like most of our friends, “Like Water for Chocolate” has become tepid brew, and you’ve seen “Babette’s Feast” so many times… Jonathan Gold’s favorite food movies.  Via latimes