Food in Film – Miyazaki Recipe Pairings by S. Zainab Williams

Totoro corn

Forget about setting the salt shaker on your TV tray. The big fat tears rolling down your cheeks will scratch out any need for table salt. I’ve been feeling like Tita in “Como agua para chocolate,” seasoning my food with my sorrows, ever since I first heard the news that legendary Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki is retiring from movie-making.

Tortilla Soup recipe via Screen to Table!

Tortilla Soup Poster

In Tortilla Soup food plays several roles. First, as Robin Balthrope writes in Reel Food, food represents ethnicity and culture. The opening scenes show the father character, Martin, grilling cactus and peppers, creating a colorful feast for his family. The chef in the film is the protector of tradition.

How to Make the Prison Feast from Goodfellas via Shortlist

Goodfellas Prison Feast

While the chance of us actually being in a movie is diminishing by the day, it’s not going to stop us from trying to blur the line between us and them as much as Hollywood possible. Which is why we’re starting a new feature whereby we get an expert chef to recreate iconic movie meals and then tell you exactly how to do them at home.

Soul Food: Mac ’n’ Cheese

Soul Food Mac and Cheese

Meals help keep families together. That message is evident in the movie Soul Food, where Big Mama creates mountains of goodness that her entire family enjoys on Sunday evenings—dishes that even one of the greatest Southern cooks, Edna Lewis, would praise. Via Saveur

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Ever drool during the food scenes while watching your favorite flick? Now you can taste what you see on screen! Just pick from our list of mouth-watering movies and follow the menu planner for a delicious night of dinner and a DVD. Via Delish