Watch Melissa McCarthy Rob a Fast Food Restaurant by Hillary Dixler

Melissa McCarthy Movie Fast Food

Here is a teaser trailer for the upcoming movie Tammy, a road trip comedy which stars Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon. In the video below, McCarthy uses a paper takeout bag as a mask and attempts to rob a fast food restaurant. After clumsily making her way across the counter, McCarthy demands cash and “the good pies.” Click here to […]

Farang, The Story of Chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok via VICE


We have been making our food show, Munchies, for four years now. As much as we love it, it only gives us a few hours with chefs that we find extremely intriguing. We thought, fuck it? Why don’t we make a full on documentary? That leads us to our first feature, Farang, with none other than chef Andy […]

Here Are New Photos from Jon Favreau’s Chef Movie by Hillary Dixler

Jon Favreau's Chef Movie

Here are new photos straight from actor/writer/director Jon Favreau’supcoming film Chef. Chef tells the story of chef Carl Casper (Favreau), who quits his fine dining job and launches a food truck called El Jefe Cubanos with his family. (Favreau got some real life food trucking mentorship from LA food truck king Roy Choi during filming.) Casper takes El Jefe Cubanos on the road; filming locations […]

Best New Food Documentaries: Culinary Movies to Check Out by Christina Izzo

Russ and Daughters Doc

With movies’ biggest night upon us—March 2, mark your calendars for the Oscars—we’re seeking out the best new food documentaries to feast your eyes on. Expand your food-doc repertoire beyond Super Size Me and Jiro Dreams of Sushi with a list of flicks that cover everything from old-world Italian fisherman and childhood obesity, to toques at the world’s best restaurants […]

Final Recipe: San Sebastian Review by Clarence Tsui

Final Recipe Review

Six years after her New York-based cross-cultural marital drama Never Forever, Korean director Gina Kim returns to Asia with a food and family film about a high school student’s discovery of his abilities and cultural roots. Humility, harmony and a lot of heart: the three things that Final Recipe‘s protagonists discovered to be essential to a […]

Can Roca’s El Somni Film Announces February Premiere via EATER

El Somni

The documentary film about the El Celler de Can Roca brothers’ impressive culinary opera El Somni is set to premiere at the 64th annual Berlinale film festival in February, a press release announces. Also called El Somni, the film depicts “an exclusive dinner” in which “the brothers’ extraordinary dishes are put in an intercultural context through video projections and performances.” Watch the stunning 8 minute trailer […]

Sweet, Sexy Ocean: A Short Foodie Doc about Uni from Director Alex Finden

Sweet Sexy Ocean poster

If you love the magnificently rich complexity of uni (sea urchin) as much as we do here at Cinefoodie, then you’ll thrill to the sights and sounds of Alex Finden’s mesmerizing short documentary about those conservation-minded few who gather and savor the spiniest and most delectable members of the phylum Echinodermata, which also includes sea stars and sea cucumbers.

Slow Food: The Movie via Slow Food NYC by Corinna Clendenen

Slow Food Movie Poster

In 1986 McDonald’s announced it would raise its golden arches in Rome, next to the Spanish Steps. The global purveyor trumpeted its arrival with the slogan, One taste, worldwide.Those familiar with the Italian penchant for claiming regional supremacy (which dates at least to the fierce competition between medieval city-states) know that telling an Italian he should […]

Hey Bartender Goes Down as Easily as a Well-Mixed Drink by Diana Clarke

Hey Bartender Pic

Watching the documentary Hey Bartender is like spending a night at a good bar: It’s fun, easygoing, and it lasts just a little longer than it should. And the conversation, while delightful in the moment, often seems banal the next morning. It’s clear that director Douglas Tirola is passionate about cocktails and the art of tending bar, and that […]