Food Film Festivals: Food for the Epicurean Cinephile by Robert Ito

Foodie Film FestivalsLOS ANGELES — For four hours, the filmmakers Natasha Subramaniam and Alisa Lapidus constructed a four-tiered dessert out of whipped cream, amaretto cookies, baked meringue and locally sourced edible flowers. “It’s a Pavlova meets a croquembouche,” Ms. Subramaniam said. As Ms. Lapidus stacked Frisbee-size discs of meringue atop the ever-growing sweet, Ms. Subramaniam took still shots of each layer, which would be edited together into a stop-motion sequence. Stray crumbs were brushed out of camera range; tweezers were used to pluck errant pea tendrils adorning the sides. The result was a wintry peak festooned with lilacs and pink jasmine, an edible, cream-filled Matterhorn.  And then, without warning, the mountain began to fall, the bottom layer of cream oozing out under the weight of the meringue discs and cookies. If this were a commercial shoot, the dessert would probably be scrapped and a new one built. But the two California Institute of the Arts graduates weren’t making a commercial here, in a bedroom-turned-studio, they were making a film, “Bloem,” about the life, death and consumption of this dessert by unseen diners. In other words, it’s an art film, so a little ooze is fine.  Where does one screen a movie about the life and death of an oversize dessert? At one of a growing number of festivals and film events across the country devoted to all that is most fun and delicious about food, calories be damned.

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