Overstuffed Desolation in the Grand Budapest Hotel by Joshua David Stein

Agatha Grand BudapestSome artists are drawn to beginnings, to the spirited waters of hope, apprehension and expectation. Other artists are drawn to endings, to where the stream peters out, a hollow foggy with nostalgia, wistfulness and what the Japanese call mono-no-aware. Filmmaker Wes Anderson is an end-watcher. His new film, and one of his best, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a film about the walking dead. And it couldn’t be more lively.

The titular hotel is as elaborate as a wedding cake, with a pink fondant exterior dripping with white trim, perched on a side of a mountain in the fictional — but barely fictional — Eastern European state of Zubrowka. The hotel, one assumes, was built to cater to a cosmopolitan class that would eventually be uprooted and decimated by the second World War and then finally vanquished by the falling of the Iron Curtain.

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