From Epicurious: The Best Oscar Movie Menus by Lauren Salkeld

Best Pic MenusOur annual Oscar movie menus are the ultimate intersection of food and film, and feature recipes and drinks inspired by each of the nine Best Picture nominees. This year, we’re cooking up spicy clams and “piccata of the gods” for American Hustle, outer space–themed dishes for Gravity, fruitcake and tea for Philomena, and an over-the-top menu that includes sushi, steak, lobster, and Champagne for The Wolf of Wall Street.

Hosts can plan their night around their favorite movie or the menu they can’t resist. Another option? Pick one or more recipes from each and create a one-of-a-kind Oscars feast. We can’t promise an exciting telecast, but with so many great dishes, it’s guaranteed to be a fun and festive night.

Click here for all nine Oscar movie menus by Lauren Salkeld via Epicurious

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