Overstuffed Desolation in the Grand Budapest Hotel by Joshua David Stein

Grand Budapest Hotel

Some artists are drawn to beginnings, to the spirited waters of hope, apprehension and expectation. Other artists are drawn to endings, to where the stream peters out, a hollow foggy with nostalgia, wistfulness and what the Japanese call mono-no-aware. Filmmaker Wes Anderson is an end-watcher. His new film, and one of his best, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a […]

Farang, The Story of Chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok via VICE


We have been making our food show, Munchies, for four years now. As much as we love it, it only gives us a few hours with chefs that we find extremely intriguing. We thought, fuck it? Why don’t we make a full on documentary? That leads us to our first feature, Farang, with none other than chef Andy […]

Top 5 Ice Cream Scenes in Movies by Brandy Dean

Ice Cream Scenes

Last week @NataleeDara on Twitter objected to the Top Egg Scenes in Movies. Hey, some people don’t like eggs and that scene in Cool Hand Luke is pretty gross. So I generously offered to make a list of scenes with @NataleeDara’s fav food, snack or treat and she picked ice cream.

Food in Film – Miyazaki Recipe Pairings by S. Zainab Williams

Totoro corn

Forget about setting the salt shaker on your TV tray. The big fat tears rolling down your cheeks will scratch out any need for table salt. I’ve been feeling like Tita in “Como agua para chocolate,” seasoning my food with my sorrows, ever since I first heard the news that legendary Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki is retiring from movie-making.

Here Are New Photos from Jon Favreau’s Chef Movie by Hillary Dixler

Jon Favreau's Chef Movie

Here are new photos straight from actor/writer/director Jon Favreau’supcoming film Chef. Chef tells the story of chef Carl Casper (Favreau), who quits his fine dining job and launches a food truck called El Jefe Cubanos with his family. (Favreau got some real life food trucking mentorship from LA food truck king Roy Choi during filming.) Casper takes El Jefe Cubanos on the road; filming locations […]

Oscars 2014 Food: Movie Cocktails that Leave Us Shaken and Stirred by Michelle Locke

Movie cocktails

James Bond without his martini? “The Big Lebowski” dude without his White Russian? Unthinkable. You won’t see any “Best Supporting Drink” in this year’s Academy Awards ceremonies, but cocktails play a major role in movies, serving as props, symbols and reflections of what’s going on behind the scenes. Recipes included with this story: Blood and Sand; Pink […]

Best New Food Documentaries: Culinary Movies to Check Out by Christina Izzo

Russ and Daughters Doc

With movies’ biggest night upon us—March 2, mark your calendars for the Oscars—we’re seeking out the best new food documentaries to feast your eyes on. Expand your food-doc repertoire beyond Super Size Me and Jiro Dreams of Sushi with a list of flicks that cover everything from old-world Italian fisherman and childhood obesity, to toques at the world’s best restaurants […]